Why work for realizing somebody else’s dream?
Every one of us, at one time or another, has thought to ourselves that we are meant for better things. But most of the time routine and a sense of security pull us back to our regular, run-of-the-mill jobs. You may be making a lot of money, you are in a good position but you are still unhappy and discontented. You have a dream but you are spending your most productive years fulfilling someone else’s dreams.
Many of us are passionate about something. If you are talented enough and you are good at what you are passionate about then surely you can turn that into a career. Starting your own business may come with its own fears and insecurities but it will definitely eliminate all the doubts that you have or all the ‘what ifs’ that will cross your mind when you grow older.
Rewards of starting your own business
The controls are in your hands.
You make your own decisions. This is one of the highest perks of owning your own business.

You are turning your dreams into a reality.
You are working and putting your efforts into achieving your dreams. It is highly satisfying when one-by-one all of them become a reality and you continue climbing the ladder you make for yourself.

Helping others
Whether your business is small or large it doesn’t matter. You are in your own way creating jobs for others which means you are the reason they are making a living. Highly satisfying, isn’t it?

This is more prevalent for women who have families and who do not want to compromise on either family or their career.

Raking in the moolah!
One of the biggest reasons for people to start their own business is the money they dream of making which will, in turn, fulfil other dreams they may have.

But of course, that leap from employee to entrepreneur is not as easy as it sounds. Before investing your time, energy and most of all money; find out what you really want. Know your mindset.
Questions that need to be answered honestly before you venture out into business waters are:-
Are you able to start and finish a task independently?
Are you able to set and achieve short and long-term goals?
Can you exhibit self-discipline and self-motivation?
How are your money management skills?
Understand your professional worth.
Once you have answered all these questions honestly and it shows that you have the temperament to start your own business then take the leap. There is nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.
A few things that can help you get motivated in this new venture are:-
Have a vision or mission statement for yourself.
This works wonders when you are feeling down or disappointed with the results of any task. Write it down, repeat it to yourself, keep it close to your heart and let your mind store it as a constant reminder to the purpose of becoming an entrepreneur.

Have a plan
This is the obvious one but it still serves its purpose when repeated. Always have a plan! Set goals that you need to achieve in the short term and long term.

Develop a routine
A good routine will help you maintain your focus and keep you alert and motivated. Getting started required great motivation hence develop a strong and productive morning routine.

Keep some ‘me-time’
Get time out for yourself to think, to relax, to unwind and refresh. A tired mind cannot focus or motivate.

Starting your own business can be highly rewarding both financially and professionally. But it requires patience and perseverance. Challenges are part and parcel of starting one’s own business. Some challenges you may face as a first-time entrepreneur are:-
Finance –Most of the time this is what pulls people back when they think of starting their own business. Finding financial assistance sometimes is a tedious job even for experienced entrepreneurs. It can get far more difficult for first-timers.
The unknown- It is sometimes frightening for entrepreneurs when they are just starting out as the future is unknown. Whether their business will last? Will it be profitable? Will I be able to impress the public with my products or services?
Decision Making- It may sound great to make your own decisions but sometimes decisions that need to be taken are tough but you’ve got to do it!




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