As a career counselor I have been asked this question hundreds of time by students and also the working professionals in different fields.. Finding out the answer to this question is not an easy task really. But to choose the perfect career and also in order to lead a happy and successful life one really has to discover his/her passion at the earliest. It’s a fact that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work but still many parents unknowingly pressurize their kid to pursue a particular profession just because they think that the profession will be in high demand in the years to come. They put him in best of the training classes and motivate him to work harder for getting into a career of their choice, ignoring the child’s interest or not considering his core passion. The child manages to complete the studies and heads towards the world of opportunities with a reasonably good package offered by the company he is selected in depending on the grades he secures.

It is said that passion is the difference between having a job and having a career. It is only after a few years of job, when the candidate realizes that the job is not as interesting as he thought it would be, so the frustration starts to build space in the mind. And if by this time he is married then certainly many responsibilities are there on his shoulders and so here even a little deviation from his regular job may cause stress.

Banks offer loans depending on the package being offered by the company and once availed, this further increases his dependence on the job, be it boring or interesting. This is the story of almost everybody who took an early decision in life without discovering the real passion or interest. They become the victim of this unplanned journey and end with total job dissatisfaction. This job dissatisfaction also affects the personal life of the employee who spends more than one third of his day doing a job which is of low or no interest. Many a times this condition also screws the family life once the frustration piles up over the years. In many a cases the person gets addicted to cigarette, alcohol or other distractions of life.

To avoid such situations in life one has to be extremely careful in the decision process. Money should not be the only criterion of choosing a career; rather the interest or overall personality should be given the highest considerations in this decision. I have seen many doctors wanting their children to pursue medical studies only in order to make them able to pass their practice legacy to the upcoming generation, once they plan to retire from profession and their sons/daughters be ready to take over. This seems highly ridiculous and dangerous if the children have entirely different career choice. My suggestion to them is to let them find their own passion and guide them through the journey, because there are hundreds of careers which although are non-conventional but passionately working in the field, industry and company of your choice will definitely lead to success stories. According to Mr. Les Brown, the famous corporate trainer and motivational speaker- “Do what you love to do and find somebody to pay you to do that”. It is also said that if you work in the field of your own interest, you don’t have to work a single day in life.

Even if at some of time in life, you realize that you are not meant to do this particular job, you must be courageous and move on. After all you are not a tree, you can move. There will be temporary inconvenience attached with the job shift but the peace of mind you would get is worth it.

Luckily I know many people who completely changed their career direction following their instinct and are now happier than ever. There is a thing to be understood properly that your sole objective in the life is not only to work, pay bills, and die someday without fully accomplishing the aspirations. You have to find your calling in life, think about what excites you, what are you passionate about and build up your career around this. And then if you are also being paid a good remuneration for doing what you love, what else do you want in life?




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