Once you get enrolled for MBA and finish your arduous first year, the biggest dilemma that you perhaps face is regarding which specialization should be selected. A standard MBA course lasts for 2 years and is mainly divided into four semesters and project works. By the end of the second year, the candidates either get employed or stand in the queue of employment on the basis of the selected streams and pool of knowledge they own.

The compulsory subjects in the first year of MBA are for providing a holistic knowledge which shall be useful for a general management of all kinds of businesses. On the other hand, the optional courses are designed for grasping intense knowledge about a particular stream. The in-depth study of the subject shall mentally prepare you for the challenges that may obstruct in your upcoming careerism pathways.

Scope of marketing and sales
The ones who have sound communication skills and convincing power generally prefer marketing and sales as the specialization subject. Subsequently, you can get a job in any of the MNCs and local firms which need specialized marketers for their brands.

Scope of production management
The concept of material management and operation research has to be comprehended if production management has been selected by as a core subject in the second year. After recruitment, you may be expected to work in a manufacturing factory where a vigorous application of technical skills is demanded. Production management has a scientific correlation and it normally instigates the science side students to opt it.

Scope of Finance Management
Finance is yet one of the best fields that can be opted. You can work as an accountant, or a finance manager in any of the local or national firms. Besides, scope for working in banking institutes is also quite high.

Scope of International Business Management
By choosing IBM, you will be able to open avenues for international level recruitment. The courses shall introduce you with foreign policies and international rules which shall help to to attain exponential growth in case you indulge in foreign trade.

Scope of human resource management
In case you are planning to become a human resource manager then make sure you have extra patience and compassion for humans. Dealing with the human resources is a crucial phenomenon. A Human resource manager has to look after the upper as well as lower authorities without leading to any differences between them. He has to be manipulative and apathetic towards the imminent situations.

Selecting human resource management (HR) or marketing as a core subject is done by many students become of their non-technical approach.
Thus, before you choose any of the subjects, try to understand that whether it will give you something worthwhile at the end or not. Scoring well is undoubtedly important. But, the hollowness of knowledge is not a viable thing. You must grab those subjects which multiply the vicinity of mind. Try to learn more about finance, commerce, economics, and taxation. These are the core subjects that will always help you no matter in which field you get recruited.





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