new-jobChanging your job is a big decision but when you have to, you just have to! There will always be certain signs that say you need to get rid of your current workplace. There is always this uncertainty in your mind if you should continue working at that place or you should just quit. You look for signs that can ease your way out in taking this big decision of quitting your job and finding a new one.
Well, here are few hints that you need to look out for if ever you are stuck in such dilemma-

• If you find yourself only complaining about the frustrations of your office to your friends to such an extent that even they get sick of it, then it’s a problem. You wake up early in the morning to get ready for your so called job but you find yourself cursing your work and your workplace as soon as you move out of your house. Not only your friends but the auto driver goes on hearing how bad your office is. Well, it is time to change. If not now, then never. You just cannot spend your day venting out your frustration on not only yourself but also your fellow beings.

• No raise in salary can also be one the reasons you definitely need to find another job. Obviously it is not a good sign when you work throughout the day but still do not find any raise in your salary. You are earning it and so it has to be good. If what you earn does not do justice to your job, it is time for you to find another job.

• Change of boss can be another hint too. If at the time of applying for job, your boss got very well acquainted with how you work and how much effort you put into your tasks, he sees as you as a wonderful employee. But there can be a bit of a problem when the boss changes and you have to work your way again to impress the new one. And there is always a risk as the new boss not acknowledging your hard work as much as the old one did. So, it will be quite justifiable if you choose to switch your job when your company switches its boss.

If you’re depressed about office even when you are not in office then that’s it. You definitely need to switch. When you find yourself constantly worrying about your work and even your efforts do not satisfy you, then it is the time you really should decide on start looking for a new job. And no wonder if you are hard working enough, you will get even a better job with good aura, better colleagues, and raise in salary and positivity. Just remember that you cannot compromise your efforts and hard work if you are not at all happy and satisfied with the work you do.




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