When should I start looking for a new job is a question which arises in the minds of most of the employees at some or the other point during their professional journey. The answer to these questions is usually different for people with varied mindsets and priorities still we will try to cover the general aspects of this issue here. One has to understand and clearly identify clear professional and personal goals of life. The goals have to be neatly written on a piece of paper and the short term and long term approach should follow these objectives in order to attain fulfillment of the desired results.

  • If you are young and single, then your entire focus should be on as much learning as possible by and large. If at certain point of your career, you come to a conclusion that the learning and growth is very limited in your current company; then you should make it a priority to change your job at the earliest because you don’t have many family responsibilities at this point of life. Your main objective should be learning the practical aspects of anything which you have studied. Once you have hands on experience on few skills, many employers will be interested in your profile. So groom yourself as much as possible in the initial years of your career as this learning is going to lay the foundation of your future.
  • Once you are married and have your family, then there are things that must be taken care of before you switch your job. If your spouse is also working and kids are small, then relocation is not an easy decision irrespective of the package being offered by another employer. You also have to think of a city where you would love to settle down permanently after a few career moves. Everybody will prefer to settle down in a city where good educational and healthcare facilities are present. Social life also should be given a priority while thinking of a city of your job.

If your job is monotonous, and you are not really satisfied with it and  also don’t see much hope of improvement in the situations, It’s high time you think of a new job, because job dissatisfaction will ultimately affect almost every aspect of your life.  And also be aware of the fact that being in your own comfort zone will seriously hamper your career growth. Sometimes we develop so much inertia in life that we don’t want to look beyond our job. If you have given few years of career to your current employer then you should start exploring different job options in the city you would like to settle in. Being in the comfort zone and not actually doing something about it is one of the dangerous addictions of your professional life. You can’t grow beyond a certain package and role because of your complacent nature.

Always remember that you can’t go in future if you want to remain in present, so at least be visible on different job portals and LinkedIn too and allow people to approach you. Explore job offers and keep evaluating yourself by appearing in formal interviews. This will not only give you confidence but also update you about the latest job trends of the market. Once you get a good job offer, evaluate it from different perspectives, talk to your spouse and your professional mentor and take a decision. The one who takes decisions at the right time is acknowledged as a leader everywhere.




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