Normally most of the fresher students are not very sure about the field they should choose once they complete their formal education. They are rarely informed about the fields and prospects in different domains. On top of all they are influenced by the starting package and take impulsive decisions which in the longer run do not fit into their expectations from self. Our sincere advice to the ones, who are willing to join their first job or want to switch their fields is to carefully study and analyze their interests and long term objectives of life too. Many companies offer better starting packages and fantastic ambience to work in. But it’s only few months later that the candidates realize that this was not the actual field they aspired to work in.

When their job satisfaction level declines, then they look forward to a complete field change. BPOs and Insurance companies have seen the highest attrition rate in past few years because of so many factors. Either the employees switch the companies or change the work profile and industry completely. In these types of cases, your CV will no longer reflect your profile to be very attractive from employment point of view. So before actually applying for a job or accepting a job offer, you need to carefully investigate about the job profile, the industry as whole and also the employer who has offered you the job. The targets attached with a job or the monotonous nature of the same are the two most discouraging factors from employee point of view.

So instead of being misguided by or influenced from any job, do the right research and talk to few people who are working in the same domain. This will surely help you gain insight of the entire scenario. Our greatest priority or criterion for job selection for a particular candidate is on his/her field of interest, instead of following the herd going in the wrong direction. If you are working in the field of your own interest, you don’t have to work a single day in life. The reason of the above is passion towards the job you are into. If you are lucky enough then only you will be working in the field of interest, otherwise you are bound to join the league of most of the employees who are working just for the sake of it, and that’s the reason they end up frustrated in their professional as well as personal life. And this will be the beginning of an entirely screwed up life, so need of the hour is to be very cautious about the job or field being chosen in the career path.

Even if you are stuck up on the wrong career path, take time to meet up with   reputed counselors who have been counseling in the job and career field. They have the required expertise and exposure to almost every career avenues of the present times and will be able to guide you in the best possible manner.




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