The hospitality industry is ever booming since decades. The international level chains and the purge in tourism have formed the basics of the salary hikes and workforce demand in this particular industry. The national and global players are consolidating their businesses for multi-tire operations. Moreover, the adequate supply of fresh blood is further proving to be a blessing.

 Currently, the hospitality industry is at par with the BPO, luxury, airlines and retail industries. The manpower quality forms the primary reason for its success. The hotel management industry hires freshers at 8000/- INR/month salary package on an average. They may also provide some basic transportation facilities and perks. The recruited candidates can be expected to work for the day or night shifts depending upon the terms and conditions that have been agreed. The luxury and boutique hotels offer a slightly higher salary package of 10000/-INR/ month for the newbie pass outs.

Redevelop your basic skill sets

More than 60% of the qualified students actually join the hotel management industry each year. Amongst the ones joining, only handful of them has the accurate approach for growth. The capacities of the hired candidate are measured through their basic skill set tests and aptitude measurements. Sometimes, overall behavioral aspects are also analyzed for giving them the success rate. The candidates who have scored lower percentages in the fundamental exams are able to attract inferior salary packages while others who have impressive skill sets have a dramatic scope of success. The recent boom specifically demands the trained graduates who can manage a multitude of tasks.

The orbit of the hotel management industry is quite vast. Therefore, the candidate must attain some special attributes for filling up the empty vacancies. The total percentage of good quality manpower in this particular industry just accounts to 20-28% which is remarkably low.  The numbers of vacancies are more than the availability of the manpower. Hence, once the candidate gets recruited there is a sheer possibility for a quick growth.

English is a must if you want to grab higher wages

In order to ensure that one gets hired at a substantial salary package, the need for good spoken and written English is a must. Besides, there should be a proper personality that speaks out confidence and knowledge for itself.  In case one is unable to have a command in English language, then he/she should be at least well-versed with the local language in order to get recruited. There should be intrepidity for customer dealing and a right amount of diligence and patience for handling up the crucial situations.  Generally, higher cognitive competencies at female counterparts have been seen. The ratio of male vs. female in the industry is quite imbalanced. Despite the higher capacities of female manpower, their availability is scarce. However, if sufficient efforts are inputted for encouraging the management studies among females then a substantial improvisation can be achieved.





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