The hotel Industry offers many job opportunities to the job aspirants who are passionate about making their career in hospitality. Few of them are as discussed for ready reference

Front Office: This is the place in the hotel where the guests are welcomed while entering in the hotel. Their entry formalities are done and after the stay in the hotel, they are billed, greeted and dropped to their next destination e.g airports, railways or some other city by another transport. Ideally the Front Office staff is required to be well dressed, smiling faces and are expected to show good etiquettes while interacting with guests.

Food & Beverages: F&B staff is responsible for the requirement of Food and other stuff during the guest’s stay in the property. They are responsible for effective purchase, inventory and excellent service in all the areas of hotel i.e restaurant, bar, banquets etc. This department is the most responsible department which takes care of most of the functions of the hotel

Kitchen Staff: Kitchen Staff takes care of the preparation of food to be served to its esteemed guests in the hotel and are domain specialist of different cuisine e.g Italian, Mexican, Indian, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian etc. The salaries in this field are entirely dependent on the cooking expertise

House Keeping: House-keeping staff normally is there in the hotel for different room related task i.e. the cleaning of rooms, changing used clothes, sheets, and attached toiletries etc. They have to be extremely polite towards guests for their routine requirements during the stay.

Accounts & HR: The functions of these departments are mostly internal but still are very much valuable in terms of effective resource controlling of the finance and human resources of the hotel.

Sales & Marketing: This department works for the room sales to the corporate and individual customers and works on developing strategies to ensure maximum occupancy of the property.

With the flourishing hotels all over India, the job prospects are wonderful in this industry. Anybody who is passionate about this industry is destined to grow with the pace of the travel and hospitality Industry





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