impress-your-bossKeeping your boss impressed is essential not only for you to have a job security but also for moving up the hierarchical ladders of the corporate. To be able to do this you need to be able to take certain risks and show your strengths. After all who would not like to impress their boss? When you work in an organization, your co-operations and relation with your boss is extremely important. Here is how you can help yourself to build your reputation in front of your boss an impress him or her-

• Get yourself to excel in such functions that are not a part of your job description and let your boss know about it. Take up some different task from your daily work and try to execute it as a part of your work. Your boss will definitely get impressed by considering you a good employee when it comes to trying out some different project for the company.

• While presenting your ideas make sure they are cost effective too. When a company takes up any new project, it makes sure that everything has to be cost effective. Profits are important no doubt but cost effectiveness is the key point. So, another way to impress your boss is by highlighting the cost effective points of the project. And if your boss gets majorly impressed by your idea, then you have high chances of winning his side. He might even consider you for next big projects. Start the brainstorming and come up with greater cost effective ideas because it is not only about the job your do but also how well can you impress your boss.

• Always keep yourself well informed about the ongoing situations within the industry. Suppose, you are sitting in a very important meeting at your office and a sudden question regarding the company’s or markets revenue pops up, which employee will get higher chances of impressing the boss? Of course the one who answers all the queries and is up to date as to what is going on around the industry. Now imagine that the person with a good knowledge regrading the industry is you, then the boss will be surely impressed by your knowledge. Take it as your homework and let your smartness work its way out into your boss’ mind.

• And make it a point to keep up with deadlines, in fact better if you finish ahead. Deadlines cannot be sidelined. Every project, each task needs to be completed on time. And if you are that one employee who gets his/her work completed, there are higher chances for you to gain your boss’ trust. Your boss will rely on you for the next task and will trust you to complete it on time. So, make sure that you are always in limelight by completing your assigned task on time.

It is not at all easy to impress your boss. You just need few basic things to keep in mind and let them work out smartly.




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