Many students are confused about the company and the field they should do summer training in. Students, due to lack of proper guidance, do not take it very seriously and do it just for the sake of it. Many companies recruit summer trainees for serious observation of your overall skills. They watch your competence and capabilities throughout the project. At the end, when you submit the project report, they see the entire study done by you. Be it engineering or MBA or any other profession, you should work hard to showcase your talent in the assigned domain and prove yourself to be an asset for them in case they plan to hire you.

In case of MBAs looking forward to the internship opportunities, they should lay their entire focus on the field they want to make their career into. For example if you are interested in finance as your specialization then doing your training in sales & marketing in the banking industry will be of lesser use as far as your long term employment goals are concerned. Hundreds and thousands of students commit the same mistake. They go after the brand name and do not care about the project they undergo for their training stint. These students are not able to justify this mismatch when they sit for campus interview.

They should be very particular about the training to be in the same field as their specialization being opted. If a student is opting for HR as specialization then his/her best internship opportunity lies in working on an HR project in a firm which has significant focus on human resources. In case your training is not in the field of your interest/specialization, you can take up come concurrent project which goes in parallel to your studies. Over the last few years many companies have evolved in the field of internships only and are working as intermediaries between the industry and students. They have different brands in their bouquet and can offer you internship according to your field of interest or available time during your academic calendar.

There are questions from students about stipends on the particular projects. Few national and International companies offer fairly good remunerations to the students working for them. But the students should not be base their selections on the basis of paid projects; rather they should emphasize more upon the learning part. Because their resumes mentioning the company’s brand name and the attached project with it will have a much better value than the remuneration that they has got for the project. The more number of projects you do during your studies, the greater attention your job application will carry with it while being shortlisted. The reason for the same is that your application will work as a showcase of your being genuinely interested in learning beyond your curriculum. It will also be helpful in your being learning oriented which will be beneficial to your employer as well.




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