The title of the article seems quite perfect in today’s scenario, particularly after seeing the never-ending rat-race everywhere around us and as a result of this, people getting mentally and physically unhealthy is becoming an alarming signal for the society. The widespread reach of Social media has done the job of aggravating the same issue, as people tend to develop a feeling of comparison to whomsoever they are in touch with. Mostly Facebook and other platforms are meant for sharing the pictures of your happiness or your getting possession of certain physical goods e.g Cars or jewellery. As a general observation people tend to share only jovial part of their life and this can generate some types of underachiever feeling in people’s mind who come across such posts on daily basis.

Apart from that, in this materialistic world, people tend to run after acquiring things and not after spending valuable time with their near and dear ones. The quality of life is not only about your being rich or prosperous, it’s also about perfect health, good family and social relations, and feeling of security from all perspectives of life. Unfortunately, every exposure in and around us is of highly commercial nature and people tend to buy unnecessary things even in installments, irrespective of their need for the same. According to the available data of present times, even the luxury cars are being financed by banks and people are without any hesitation availing the same in their endless list of unfulfilled desires of possessing things.

According to the feedback shared by the best employment consultants of India, the stories of the individuals, residing in the metro cities are even worse, where people have a tendency of using credit cards on dinner or weekend parties etc. Holidays abroad is considered as a symbol of pride in corporate circles and people don’t mind availing the holidays and keep on paying later for the same. It is also observed that most of the youngsters are increasing getting inspired by their seniors and unnecessarily spending on things only for the show- off purpose. It is so pitiful that even smaller things like Mobile phones are now available on EMIs, which has encouraged many ones to avail luxuries they otherwise could not afford. The recent turmoil in Indian telecom industry has a great lesson to learn from, where due to excessive competition, major downsizing is being done and thousands of permanent key- employees of the companies with their full teams of verticals have been asked to put their papers down.

Material possessions are considered to satisfy one’s psychological need of getting appreciated in the circles they move in. People tend to live their lives in order to impress people they are around. Which school your children study in, is also now- a -days considered very important as it depicts your financial structure in the society. People who do not use particular popular brands are worried about being left behind in this comparative world. It is very much like a treadmill, wherein you have to continuously run to impress each one who comes in front of you. The situation is very alarming as it is also making our youths feeling stressed out and then they resort to various intoxication just to get rid of the intense pressure.

You have to plan your monthly budget carefully and develop a habit of saving first and then spending the money which is left over after saving, the practice is another way round although. In this particular phase, where there is no employment security, you have to be extremely careful while you spend your monthly salary. You are on the job today and any day can be asked to resign due to increasing pressure for survival among even the greatest companies in any field. You need not avail every loan which is sanctioned to you. Be sensible, a lot of unnecessary loans will eventually hamper your personal and professional growth. You have to start living your life with contentment, otherwise beyond any doubt, future can be worse than you can ever imagine. Savings should be the most important thing which must come to your mind on the salary day and you should carefully plan your present and future, sitting with your financial advisor. Because in the tougher days, the savings only will come to rescue and nothing else so instead of searching for pleasure in possessing material things, your focus should be to live a reasonably comfortable life and you must aim to spend time with yourself for personal growth and with family and friends for your social happiness goal. Spend time with kids and your elders, because these moments will be cherished forever and you will live happily doing these acts.




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