Nursing- a wonderful career for people who care

By Urvi
Do you like taking care of people? Does the hospital make you ill and nauseous but you still like helping people? Do you like it when you are remembered by someone because of your good behaviour towards them?

Nursing is one of the most respected and honourable profession you could ever encounter. Nurses can help you live longer, happier and healthier lives. Nurses care for people and not conditions. To create a balance between the business perspective of healthcare centres and a caring approach towards the patients is the main challenge for nurses today. Nurses care for patients but also have so much to do than that like working throughout the night and on weekends, giving up their holidays with their families. The nursing profession has its own pros and cons but as long as you are passionate about helping and caring for people, this is the right profession for you.

Following are some of the characteristics that every nurse, you might have if you are passionate and enthusiastic about Nursing –
1. Being empathetic and supportive –
You might have gone to the hospital once in your life and you know how it feels being in a hospital is. People are just traumatized and emotional. One of the important qualities of a nurse is being empathetic and understanding. You will always have to understand the patient’s problems and issues and always support them for the same. Don’t treat your patients as a burden while always make them feel wanted by giving them the emotional support that the patient needs.

2. Be polite and always care for the patients –
Nurses get to know their patients and are considered to be the most trusted person in the healthcare centres. As a nurse, you might not remember every patient but the patient always tends to remember the nurses. You will not only have to truly care for the patients but also comfort people who are not well and ill. Try treating the patients as if they are your friends and also look after them properly.

3. Try to be emotionally stable –
Sometimes, our emotions and sentiments might affect and dominate our work. As a nurse, make sure that you offer stability to your patients, provide them with invaluable support. Talk about the way you feel and tell the patients how you feel. This will help in encouraging emotional stability. Doing exercises and meditation is also one of the ways of reducing stress.

4. Be adaptable and selfless –
You never know what is going to happen in the future, so be prepared for all kind of possibilities. Whenever you are needed always act quickly without getting nervous. As a nurse, your business is a 24-hour operation for which you will have to compromise your holidays and work throughout.

5. Always try to communicate well –
Try to open up to the people and be a good listener. Always listen to your patients and communicate with them properly. Half of the problems are solved when a person shares his/her problem with someone. Build a relationship with your patients and their families. Your knowledge about this field along with your people skills will provide comfort to them.

These are the characteristics that make nurses special and nursing a very wonderful career. Being a nurse means working as a part of a team and the patient is the most important part of that team. The most important reasons for choosing this career are the longing and desire to help others. Your patients must trust you and you should handle your patients with respect and compassion is what makes you a professional nurse.





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