Jewellery designing – a sparkling career for you
-Urvi Bareja

Jewellery is something which always attracts us and has a great economic importance and highly valued in the Indian Industry. It is also considered a major source of investment as well as a sign of your being rich. Jewellery Designing offers a sparkling future to those, who are fascinated by jewellery and gems. Women in particular always have a predilection towards jewellery and get embellished them with a variety of jewellery like gold, diamond etc to further enhance her beauty. Nowadays their inclination for jewellery is not about status and showcase of family wealth but also about trendy fashion wear which can perfect on different occasions. Jewellery designing as a career is becoming a money-spinning career and is flourishing like never before over these 15-20 years.
Considering the significant preference towards jewellery designing profession, this beyond any doubt, is a valuable career that is it gives you good earning and also prove to be a great career option for you if you have a creative mind and a passion for the jewels. If you have a sense of design, creative imagination and significant knowledge about the profession, then this might be a perfect career option for you and will lead to a secure future after you finish the formal education and study for a year or two years about Jewellery designing. There are many jewellery designing courses all over India, that will fulfill your need of refining your skills, it will definitely be better if you pursue a course in jewellery designing from a reputed design school such as NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) or NID (Nation Institute of Design), Pearl Academy, Jewellery Design and technology institute available in various parts of the nation. A student having a Bachelor’s degree in this field can also opt to go abroad and either do an internship with a jewellery house or can study further at a reputed institute. The course mainly teaches you basic skills like metal coloring, electroplating, stone setting etc and will impart knowledge about different types of stones, design themes, jewellery making and costing etc. You will also get to learn the skills and art of working with precious and valuable metals, alloys and stones. After doing a course and as a professional jewellery designer, you will be able to plan the pattern of jewellery and many other metalwork products independently after significant experience in the field. You will also learn to manufacture new pieces of jewellery using a variety of tools and equipment.
After successful completion of the course, there would be plenty of job opportunities in this field due to the ever-increasing demand in the jewellery industry. As a qualified jewellery designer you can work in any of the following sectors:
Jewellery designing house
Export house
Fashion house
Freelance designing
Your own boutique
If you want to see your designs in the international markets e.g Europe and the US, you should preferably join an export house for greater exposure, yet there are many students who start their own business by setting up a production house, you can also think of that if working for nobody else gives you satisfaction. You can even start your freelancing jewellery designing business for the domestic and international clients. The fastest-growing jewellery business in the country is offering excellent employment opportunities in the field and has tremendous employment potential in the years to come. The market demand for jewellery designing in India is very high equally and it has proved to be a very rewarding profession. You must be very particular about the Institute you join in order to get a good start in the profession, so do a proper study of the courses they teach and the industry interface they have so as to ensure the latest and trend base training.




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