Has it ever happened that your attention got diverted just because you noticed someone speaking in English? Of course it would have happened at least once in your lifetime. There is no doubt about the fact that English is taken in parallel with literacy. People who are able to speak fluent English are considered to be more literate than the ones who can just speak a local language. English speakers always enjoy a sense of supremacy in the eyes of general public. Even when it comes to earning a livelihood, people who are able to face the interviews in English have a better scope of selection.

Representation of your education and skill
As already mentioned, English is not merely a language in our country. It is rather an emblem of class, education and skill. There have been numerous incidences when people with basic education have vouched for the jobs. Not only this, they have also given a tough competition to the doctorate level people on the basis of their fluent English.  The corporates and the multinationals specifically look forward to employ the individuals who have completed technical education and have a command of English.

Global exposure
English may not be the sole language to be spoken in India, but definitely, it is our official language. It is the third most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish. English should be at least comprehensible if you want to be a part of a global workforce. Breaking away communication barriers is really important if you want to have to achieve growth. Having a command in English is definitely a pathway to success.

Abiding by the Organizational expectations
laws, propagandas, letters, notices are commonly circulated in a corporate job. It gives Goosebumps when told to handle those typical English documentations which carry loads of high-profile information. The deficiency of English would result in sheer embarrassments and mental trauma each day. Your survival would not prolong in case you get employed despite being unaware of English. Recruiters always hunt for armed workforces who have extra job skills and communication powers. Candidates who are aware of English dramatically trim down the need for job orientation and training.

Survival in the competition
India witnesses lakhs of candidates completing their technical education in diversified streams each year. Hence, there is a pool of manpower having same skill sets. In such a situation, how would a recruiter know whom to hire? What shall separate you from rest of all the job aspirants? Nothing but your communication skills and confidence. English has substantially helped people to target their dream jobs. It has effortlessly given them deserving positions.

Probability of self-employment
English is undeniably valuable. The job market is flooded with so many opportunities that do not demand any special degree or diploma besides having fluent English. To your amazement, maximum of the work from home jobs offer a decent level of livelihood just if you are well-versed with either oral or written English. Millions of people are awarding themselves with self-employment and seizing heavy sums of money with just a simple language known called ENGLISH.





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