Once you receive a notification or mail to appear for an interview, you have to keep few things in mind. This is irrespective of the years of experience you have! Few days prior to the interview, you must undertake in depth research about the company, its history, areas of operations and network etc. You will find plenty of information available on internet about the same. Go through the relevant sites and if possible read up on the market segment, its competitors, market share etc. This will give you a clear insight of the company and their expectations from you as an employee too. You can also explore or meet up people in your circle who may give you some industry insights and information about the company and the environment there. This information will be helpful in framing an approach that you will have to take while answering the questions of the interviewers.

There are few set of questions which are asked normally in most of the interviews. You can make a list of the same and then prepare the responses of the same. In the process, you can take guidance from the people who are experts in the field or go through some of the established job sites available on the web. Ideally you should write down the questions and their answers too. Reading these answers few times will give your mind a moderate comfort level before you appear for the actual interview. If possible, ask any of your friends or your spouse or a colleague to conduct few mock interview sessions with you well before time.

Another most important aspect for the interview is the attire that you will choose to wear for the interview. The interview in most of the cases, happens in a formal setting, so you are required to behave formal throughout the process. If you are a male, you can wear trousers and shirts with tie matching to the attire. The trousers’ color can be black, grey or blue with a light shade of plain shirt properly tucked in. The tie has to be in tune with the rest of the dress. Black shoes properly polished will add points to your presentation. For females, formal trousers with white shirt or an Indian salwar suit/saree will do great. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that you are comfortable in the same.

On the interview day, you have to be smarter, more attentive and positive in order to get an affirmative answer from the other side. Be punctual on this important day of your career. Make sure to reach the interview well before time. Factor in delays that may be caused due to traffic conditions or the local public transport that you will have to use to reach the venue. Listen to your favorite music while commuting, this will help you get relaxed and you will feel fresh throughout the day.

When you reach the venue, be extra polite and positive. Greet everybody in the office when you interact with them and instead of assuming few things about the waiting area and time, gently ask about where to wait and how much time the entire process might take. This will boost up your confidence level and ease your hesitation when you are visiting a new place for the first time. Wearing a pleasant smile on your face in the lobby area is going to energize you for interaction in the interview process. You may also get to meet other people here who would have come for the interview. You have to keep yourself positive throughout the entire duration. You can also pick up any magazine of your interest and go through some of the pages while waiting for your turn.

Finally when you are ready to face the interview panel, be firm and positive. Politely request for their permission to get into the room and say thanks when offered a seat.

Normally the interview panel asks you about your back ground/introduction. You just have to give a brief description about yourself, qualifications & experience, city and parents/spouse/kid. If they ask about your objectives in life, you must have a clearly defined objective and the reasons/examples in support of the same. They can also ask about your strengths and weakness, you must have rightly identified strengths with supporting examples to them. When you are telling about your weakness, you should also have a plan of overcoming the same; otherwise you might end up in a trouble, which will lower your confidence for answering the next questions.

Now comes the two most important qualities that a person is expected to possess and demonstrate for succeeding through the interview. The first one is passion towards a particular job and the other one is willingness to learn further. In hundred percent of the cases the employer will like to hire the personnel who are passionate towards the job they are going to be hired for. Because in order to achieve wonderful results; one is required to be extremely enthusiastic towards his job and  if with your words and actions you could convince the interviewers that you are going to be passionate about whatever responsibilities you are assigned to- you are definitely through with your interview.  At the same time you have to politely mention that you are always willing to learn from them and other employees of the organization in order to excel in life and to get the desired results for the company too.

During your discussion/interview with the panel you have to try your level best to sound as confident, authentic, humble and goal oriented as possible. Your body language should be such as you are focused towards your goals of life and will prove to be asset to the organization you work for. You should never criticize your past Boss, teachers or colleagues for any reason, even if you are unhappy with their uncooperative behavior towards you. Try to keep yourself away from the gossips that happen in your current or previous work place. It would be great if you are able to show your managerial capabilities in the interview, because companies not only want you to work for them but also expect you to get others to work towards achieving the common objective of the company. Your body language should be of a leader who has the required confidence to motivate his team members to attain their individual and team targets.

Few people unknowingly have some irritable bad habits that can annoy the interviewers. So be a little bit careful about your sitting posture and hand movements during the interview. You should maintain eye contact with all the panel members so that none of them feels ignored. They may ask your vision of next 5-10 years, now this is a perfect chance for you to establish long term loyalty in them. Every employer will prefer a person who is looking for a long term association with them. You should sound confident in your conviction of working with them for a reasonably longer duration. Even if you are facing any problem in your personal life, don’t mention that, because they might be uninterested in you because of only this reason in spite of your all positive points during the interview.

During the interview, if they ask you whether you have any questions about the company. You can go ahead and ask some insightful questions about them e.g. their expansion plans or your roles or responsibility if you are selected etc. At some point of time they might ask you about your salary expectations from them, you have to speak confidently and politely about your desired remuneration. You can start your statement by saying this “Although you are the best judge of my competence level, but if you are asking my expectation, I think I will be comfortable in a package of XYZ INR per annum”. In all likelihood, they will bargain on the salary part, and only you will have to tackle this issue as you know your lifestyle and priorities of life better than anyone else.

To summarize the above, you have to sell yourself throughout the discussion in order to get the job. Don’t act artificial but by being natural and passionate about your life you stand a very good chance to crack the interview. All the best!!




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