What are the signs to identify the entrepreneur in yourself?
Some believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made; while others feel you can learn and climb the ropes to be an entrepreneur. No matter which school of thought you belong to, one thing is sure that entrepreneurs are different in ways that set them apart from everyone else. There are sure shot signs that entrepreneurs have that everyone does not. So what are these signs? How can you know if you are meant to be an entrepreneur? Let’s identify!


Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean climbing ladders every day; you face challenges almost every step of the way. You need the tenacity to maintain your drive even when things are not all roses and sunshine. You meet challenges head-on and work every bit of the way to be where you want to be even when things get rough. No matter how frustrated or exhausted you are you continue to push your way up.

You always see the big picture

Entrepreneurs do not get burdened by petty things. They always maintain their focus on their goals and minor setbacks do not faze them. If you are one of those ones who do not lose sight of the vision, no matter what the situation, then you are an entrepreneur in the making.

Confident and Fearless

Where most see risks entrepreneurs see opportunities. Business leaders are capable of taking calculated risks. However, they do understand the difference between takings risks and being reckless.

You believe in action

Anyone can have a great idea but following it up is a whole different story. Entrepreneurs act where others plan. The action is what many people lack and this is what differentiates an entrepreneur from everybody else.


Entrepreneurs are a curious breed. They are always looking at the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of things. This is what gives them the ability to find solutions where others see only the problem. They are able to anticipate challenges and creatively solve problems.

You can handle money

If you do not know how to handle money, then forget the idea of ever becoming a business leader. It is of utmost importance when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Budgeting for your business takes a lot of work and efforts, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

Raising your benchmark for every achievement

Entrepreneurs do not rest on their laurels. Once they have achieved a set goal they’re out there hunting new opportunities for new achievements. Paving new paths and creating new ways is what real entrepreneurs thrive on.


Entrepreneurs motivate themselves to work harder and put the right effort even when things look bleak. They don’t need someone to look over their shoulders to complete a task. They go from one task to another forging their way ahead.

Entrepreneurs are competitive

Competition is something that drives entrepreneurs. They see something done and know they can do it better. This is what drove many entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin. There were many ideas floating in the market when they came up with Google.

Entrepreneurs are resourceful

Entrepreneurship is not about getting the resources then start; it is about using the resources you already have to their best possible potential. This is what real entrepreneurs do; they don’t wait for the right resources or time of day- for them, it is always now or never!


Above all else, being passionate about your dreams and achieving your goals is what actually makes you an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur needs the passion of a different magnitude. If you do not have the passion for what you want to achieve then it is never going to materialize into something fruitful.
So do you have it in you? How many of these signs can you identify with or relate to? The good news is that even if you can’t identify these signs right now, you can definitely work towards them. Being an entrepreneur is all about being in control and channelizing your energies to something bigger- go for it!




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