Many a times you get better opportunities in life and sometimes you are not comfortable with certain aspects of your job, so you have to resign from the current job to move ahead in life. Now the need arises of writing a well drafted and impressive resignation letter. It’s better to write your resignation in proper format stating different things e.g your brief reason and certain information about your willingness to serve the notice period etc. When you are leaving a particular company, it’s advisable to leave on a good note irrespective of your grievances with any of your colleague or superiors there.

Generally you resign because of your intentions of joining another company on a better package or healthier working environment or profile elevation or any other reason. One must have an offer letter from the company he wishes to join next, before he puts his papers down in the current organization. Apart from that you also must have a fair idea of the notice period and other requirements of your existing employer. You have to be extremely polite and professional in your language of resignation. Address it to the HR Manager or your current senior depending on the compliances of the company you are working for. You should write good things about the company, it’s environment and your colleagues too. You can also mention that it was one of the best learning experiences in your entire career journey and will miss all those memorable days of life you spent there. One has to be of high integrity in his/her professional life and should not disclose the internal policies or confidential matters to anybody else, because if you do so, it will not only tarnish your image but also you can be sued for disclosure of information to competitors or anybody who would use it against the company any time in the future.

Not only you should inform them about your intention of resigning but also inform them about how you plan to hand over the charge to somebody assigned from the superiors or HR People. You should also tell them about any dues upfront and how will you proceed to settle them. It’s not required normally to disclose the name of the company you plan to join after this stint so no worries on that part. Before you put your papers down, clearly read out the documents you were given at the time of joining this company. You can also take inputs from your colleagues if you have any doubt about anything or ask the HR guys for any clarification needed. You have to obtain NOCs from various departments so keep those things ready at hand.

Make sure to request people to comment on your Linkedin profile about their working experiences with you, so that it becomes part of your profiles forever, as most of the HR Guys nowadays read a lot between the lines in your Linkedin profiles. Before you join the next company everybody there becomes acquainted with your strengths and achievements in your career. The most important comments are the comments from your immediate superiors and your team members. They establish your brand image in the job arena and normally people believe it because it’s based on the real interactions. Your new colleagues, Boss and team members will have a fair idea of your personality and could possibly use those point in your further associations with them after you join this new company. Linkedin and Facebook have evolved as fantastic tools of understanding somebody’s professional and personal life up to a certain extent.

Few companies also have exit interviews when you resign, so prepare well for the same and if possible arrange a mock session too for practice. Until and unless it is necessary for you to speak something negative about certain aspect of the company, avoid that and praise everything instead. You never know, you might join the company again in the years to come, so keep your relations good everywhere. You must be remembered for your work and your nature by your colleagues and most important your senior should treat you like an asset. Most of the surveys have reported that having a good boss is far more necessary than working for a good brand if you want job satisfaction and happiness in life. Try to always leave good memories with your boss, so you are there on top of his/her mind when he needs somebody in the team in future.





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