Not everyone has the ability to influence people but those who can, go a very long way. You might think of it as an exclusive trait but in reality it can easily be acquired.

• All you need to do is change your approach towards people. Think about them in a different way. If you take someone as rude or arrogant, try to change your view and you might find them good enough to befriend. And once you change your approach you will start feeling better about yourself as well in the office. Your outlook towards people will turn positive and when they see this change in you, they are for sure going to get influenced by your aura.

• Be a friend to them. Who doesn’t need good friends? Being good friends with your colleagues will help you to build a better rapport with them. It will be easy for both of you to understand each other’s ideas well and support each other. And when you decide to be friends with your colleagues, your team work will improve as well.

• Having a connection beyond work will make it easier. You have got to be friendly with your colleagues and try hanging out with them. It will always good to be in touch with your co workers outside work as well. Parties, birthdays and several occasions can be made fun with their presence. And no doubt if you are a good company to hang out with, your colleagues will love you inside office as well. This will let you be in a win win situation.

• Instead of forcing your opinions onto them let them come around it themselves. Discuss it with them and help them to come to the conclusion as yours. Listen to what they have to say and respect their ideas. This way you’ll come up as a sensible and mature co worker and they will rely on you for any official work. And if you let them speak out their opinions, they will let you speak out your ideas as well in a respectful manner. Do not decline their thoughts nor force yours onto them. Try to gather together and solve any issue with combined effort.

• Make sure to be supportive of their ideas too. If you expect support from your office mates, then you need to be supportive of them too. Whatever they bring to you, assist them with proper help. You will emerge out as a supportive colleague and everyone around you will look up to you as an influential being in the office.

It is actually not easy to win your colleagues’ heart. It is really important to have a strong rapport with everyone in your office. And now that you know how to do it, pull up your socks and try to do it. And if you get stuck somewhere, just remember that they are there for you as much as you want to be there for them.




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