Normally in any office, one is required to work under a boss, take guidance from and report to him /her for many tasks of your responsibility areas. You actually work for your boss instead of the company. And to keep your bosses happy is crucial to your professional accomplishments. You have to thoroughly understand the nature of your boss in order to meet up to his expectations. You are extremely lucky if your Boss is generous and is understanding towards you and your lifestyle. In case you are not lucky in this sense, you will have to align yourself with the nature of the Boss and also with the short and long term objectives of the company you work for.

If you are extremely committed to your job and always do every assigned task with utmost attention and passion towards it, the chances are that you will be acknowledged by your seniors for your superior qualities for the varied tasks being performed in your capacity. You should always show enthusiasm towards your duties and be positive about the results of the exercise being done on any particular project or objectives. At times your Boss can also feel low or disheartened because of any personal or professional reasons, you should be able to judge the same and not interrupt him/her during such bad mood days. You should rather talk of things which in a way can inspire your Boss to think of solutions from a positive perspective.

Whenever you happen to meet your Boss, you must ensure to carry a diary with you always to note down things or the instructions being given to you and try to report him/her after you finish or do a part of them. You should have everything handy anytime during your office hours. Your Boss might also call you up after your office hours to get an update on certain issues; to handle this you must develop a habit of keeping a small pocket diary all the times. Sales personnel should be prepared and ready every time with their data, as their seniors can all of a sudden call up and ask for the updates on their daily, weekly and monthly targets. If at these points you are not able to provide them the report desired, they might perceive you as a non-serious employee and scold you on some issue which will ruin your entire day.

You have to always be extremely humble towards your immediate seniors and super seniors too. Your passion will determine your interaction with your super seniors, so you would not like to miss a chance to impress them. Your immediate senior may feel slightly uncomfortable with your interactions with your super seniors, so you should keep a balance in interaction with all of them. Your actions and ideas should every time reflect your seriousness towards the job, so always be extremely enthusiastic in whatever assignment are given to you. You commitment towards work will be identified by everybody around and this quality of yours will take you places.

You have to always demonstrate willingness to learn by your behavior and should not miss a chance to praise good things of your seniors and team mates. Everybody wants to be recognized and appreciated, so when you notice something which is good in your Boss, tell him at right time and convey your willingness to learn the same from him in order to grow further in life. If you develop good rapport with your seniors and are a passionate employee of the company, then in near or far future whenever your Boss switches the job he/she would surely want you to move along. So always develop healthy and cordial relationship with your Bosses It is actually true that you don’t work for companies, you work for Bosses.




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