Who does not long for a salary hike? Everyone does a typical 9 to 5 job for getting the monthly wages. But, since you want something extra, you ought to walk an extra mile for it.

Encounter your apprehensions
We all want our hard works to get rewarded in the highest possible way.  Sometimes, it takes more than just hard work and dedication to get the salary of your desired choice. Just comprehend the exact reason so as to why you have been hired. Executing the work is totally a different phenomenon than understanding the work and then executing it up. In order to become a better performer, you need to have in depth knowledge about everything you have been supposed to do. Don’t just become reluctant if you find anything to be difficult. Ask your manager to provide you some guidance and training for the same. Take an active participation in your job. Eventually, you will begin to get recognized and your capabilities shall be awarded. The positive response of the higher authorities is what channelizes you towards the success ladder.

Work smarter
Hard work along with smart work is what it all takes to achieve success. Target some ways through which you can execute the work with lesser efforts. Share your inventions and redirect towards yourself towards the goal with a different approach.  The current era is marked by quickly changing scenarios. You have to remain constantly updated if handsome salary packages are expected. Do hourly or weekend learning and keep practicing some extra skill sets. The updated knowledge shall give a purge to your roles and capacities. A new thing learned today shall help you to grow tomorrow. Hence, you should never stop learning.

Always be keen to learn
Keep preparing notes for everything thing that you have been doing throughout the year. The annual progress review can be done by measuring up the performances and identifying the achievements. Once you become stagnant, your growth will automatically stop. So, break away the monotony and always look forward to a change. Changes are really compulsory for improving your current situation and making you challenged to work.

Do a lot of Self-assessment before demanding a wage hike
If you think that you have been inputting sufficient efforts all this while and deserve a higher wage rate, then talk about it with your manager. But, before that make ample investigation regarding what other companies are offering for the similar role play. In case your boss does not agree with the pay increase then do not just settle for some non-financial benefits. Also, do not create a fuss or a commotion because of the denial. Think about an alternative and cling something that you really deserve.  Keep looking forward to some new opportunities and grab them up as soon you find them worthwhile.





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