crack-interviewInterviews can be quite nerve-wrecking, right? Actually, this is not completely true if you try to help your way out. Yes, it is true that before any interview, you start to get nervous but that happens with almost everyone. And every interview has certain hacks to help you out to clear them really well and confidently. Here’s how-

• To be able to crack an interview you need to focus on how you present yourself to the interviewers. Here your body language and gestures play a very important role apart from your knowledge. Make sure you do not fidget as your nervousness will ruin what is in store for you. We know it is not easy when you have an interview lined up with a company holding your dream job but it is not difficult either if you know how to present yourself in front of the interviewers. Once they see you are comfortable with your own self and in that four walled room, they will automatically consider you a good option.

• Keep yourself updated about the background of the company. Make sure you know about the company, their products, their competitors and the services they provide. In case they ask you questions about their company, you should not get panicked and loose all your confidence. So, it is really important to have a background check of the company you wish to go to.

• Have a well groomed look. Nothing impresses the other person more than how to look at the first meeting. Keep it formal. Using a mild deodorant, keeping up with your personal hygiene, combing your hair neatly and having a confident smile of white teeth will give the interviewers an air of confidence and perfect personal grooming. Keep your shoes polished. Neatness is the key.

• Also, make sure you carry your CV with you. Of course they would have seen it before calling you for the interview but you have to keep it with yourself keeping in mind you do not bluff about any skill.

• And last but not the least, confidence. Confidence is the most important key to unlock any interview hurdle. If you are confident enough about your skills, no doubt you are going to excel in the interview you planned to give. Carry your confident smile wherever you go especially when you walk into the interview room with a positive smile. Look straight into the eyes of the interviewers. Maintaining eye contact with them while you answer their questions makes you look like a self-assured person who is willing to give his or her part of your confident skills to the company.

A firm handshake, composed body posture with a smile on your face will help you leave a good impression. Remember, do not fidget and listen to what is being asked carefully and patiently. In case you do not know the answer to a particular question, tell them so politely and finally end it on a positive and a confident note.




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