When you finally get a job you always wanted, you try your best to give back to the firm. To the extent you enjoy your job but there are certain factors that you wish that could be improved. One such very important is salary. The salary raise is as important to you as it is to any other employee. Now you must be wondering as to how much salary raise you should expect from the firm you are working in.
The annual raise in your salary basically depends on 4 factors, the industry, the general market pay in the region you are working in, organizational practices and policies and finally your own performance.
• The general market pay is what you normally get and what the company has already told you about. If the company decided to raise some amount of the market pay, there are possibilities that you will get a hike in your salary too.
• The organizational practices can aid to salary rise as well. It is up to the company as to what types of organizational practices does it entertain. Make sure you get yourself with each of them. This way, when you boss sees you getting yourself indulged in the interests of the organization; he might consider you in for your salary raise. These practices are important for your growth as well the growth of the company you are working for.
• There are certain policies of the company according to which you can expect a salary raise. Try to keep pace with the ongoing policies and make sure that you adhere to each of them with dedication.
• Your performance is the most important if you are expecting a salary raise. Your account money would only double if the company acknowledges your performance as brilliant. Work with full dedication and invest all your effort. And no doubt when your boss notices you are very much into your work, he will be impressed. And your dedicated performance will result in profit of the company. Therefore, any company who would see its employee working hard and enhancing the profit area of the company, it will consider that employee for a salary raise. So, give your best shots and get the best results.
• Staying in one place for a long time might affect the increase in the percentage of raise as the increase is dependent on your base salary. Your base salary is comparatively lesser than what you get after a year or so. And when you work with one company for more than sufficient time, your salary automatically gets a raise. However, switching the job after a relevant amount of time will get you a good amount of raise. When you switch from one company to the other, it is counted as an experience. And experience levels fetch you really good some of money if you have worked really well with your previous companies.
So, now you know what all you have to do to expect a salary raise.



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