Almost everybody who is working in hospitality Industry has a question in his/her mind i.e How can I get a job in five star hotels? The answer is obvious- keep trying for it. Here we will discuss few things which will help you get a good job in Five Star hotels all over India. It’s a basic thing and applicable for every aspirant working in any Industry- Do your present job diligently but never get into comfort zone and be visible to the corporate world every time.

Over the last 20 odd years, we have been in touch with thousands of job seekers and consultants from Hospitality world. People normally develop inertia in them once they are comfortable in any hotel job they are in. This is not a correct approach towards optimum growth in career. You have to be very active on social networking sites like Linkedin since it is getting fast recognition amongst Job consultants and Company’s HR personnel. They do have access to your complete profile and also the recommendation from your co-workers, boss and subordinates. So try to visit these sites as often as possible and follow your dream companies there. So whenever any of them are in need of some competent staff, you can be approached.

Many job sites like,, and have also proved to be good interaction platform for recruiters and job seekers. Keep your profile updated on all of them or selected ones after a preliminary research. Many reputed hospitality brands have started availing the services of these platforms in order to hire best talent from the pool available. These sites have also come up with android/ios applications in order to offer you the jobs on your fingertips. Apart from that, most of the hotel groups have a career option on their site. You can go through the sites and upload your CV, so in case of any future requirement they can directly contact you.

Now the question comes of best hotel groups from job perspective in hospitality industry. Great Place to work in association with the Economic Times conducts annual survey and publishes a list every year. The best brands to work within hospitality industry according to last year’s survey are Marriott Hotels, Oberoi Group, Lemon Tree, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hilton and Indian Hotels studied and surveyed from all perspectives. They have proved to be very good employers and have been chosen over lot many companies who have participated in the survey.

In recent years a new concept of Video CV has also emerged in order to ease the process of short listing. For a Video CV, all you have to do is to get yourself formally dressed and ask anybody to take a small video of 30 seconds to two minutes. This video should contain a bit about your back ground, your skills, strengths, achievements and objectives of life. Once it has been prepared properly, this  can be forwarded via whatsApp or mail attachment to anybody who may be interested in seeing your video profile before the actual Interview. With the advent of new technology Skype interviews have also been a common practice in last 2-3 years particularly in Hospitality/Aviation Industry.




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