Video editing and voice editing is recognized to be an art which glorifies the world of entertainment. Have you ever wondered while watching a movie, how each scene seamlessly appears to blend into the next one, or how perfectly the sound effects and the dramatic music fits into each given scenario of the film? All these often overlooked, but critical parts of making a motion film, are handled by video editors and voice editors.

An unprocessed film is no less than a chaos! Without editing, a film has got nothing meaningful to convey and totally nothing worth the watch. Well, in the era full of entertainment, video and voice editing are two very demanding and progressing careers to pursue.

Video Editing

Video Editors are people with qualified digital skills and use of technology to transform a raw recorded data into a well formatted, cohesive and perfectly smoothened out of distribution form. This so-called post-production process is the making or the breaking of the project. Therefore, the award-winning and the most appreciated films are the ones which display outstanding video editing.

The film, which is shown to us, flawlessly blending from one scene to another, was never started out in the perfect seamless condition. Even a single video clip, presented for minutes, has raw footage of hours and hours. Video editing is thus the process of extracting unwanted scenes from the raw footage and keeping only the best. Editing is a skillful art of merging a scene into next, flawlessly.

Education Requirement for Video Editors:

The field is open to all aspiring minds. However, a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in film studies or production is considered helpful to get an entry for the position of a video editor’s assistant. Aspirants may further pursue masters in video and film editing. Experience is always preferred to a degree. Many of the aspiring video editing students, hence, opt for internship programs. One must also be trained in the computer system and programs used in digital editing. One can further opt for a master’s in animation or media arts.

Career prospects for Video Editors:

A video editor has great demand in cinematography, film and movie production, and media production. Video editors can work as digital video editors, linear video editing experts, and non-linear video editing experts. Editors have a versatile role to play as an artist, mechanic, collaborator and a business person. Many growing production companies, filmmakers and producers, advertisement production companies have a huge demand for video editors.

Voice Editing

Voice editing or audio editing is the operation of the recording and mixing the music or sound. Stereo effect and end sound which we hear is the skill of an audio editor. It is audio editing which has to meet the expectation of the audience. To match the vibe and resonance of the spectator’s mind with the movie is a job done by audio editors, with absolute accuracy.

Many of the audio editors are also known as mixers for their skillful technique of working with the output of recording sessions to piece together a well and smooth finished sound.

Eligibility Criteria for Audio Editors:

Bachelor’s degree in mixing and/or recording, bachelor’s degree in post-production are the educational requirements. Additionally, well-trained ears, great depth of knowledge and a passion for music, technical knowledge of recording equipment, engineering and acoustics are a definite plus. The person must also possess advanced technical knowledge of recording and mixing tools and an understanding of studio etiquette.

Career prospects for Audio Editors:

There is a wide range of careers in audio editing. An audio editor, if a fresher, can be placed as an assistant engineer or production assistant. Once experienced, audio editors can work as a studio manager or even an owner. Other prospects include – sound technician, acoustic consultant, audio engineer for videos, digital re-mastering engineer, live sound engineer, recording equipment manufacturer’s rep/customer service, interactive and mixed media specialist, recording mixer (film and video), record company staff, recording studio setup worker, studio designer, studio technician, studio maintenance manager, music editor, programmer, sound designer, DJ/re-mixer and audio developer.




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