It is a general human tendency all across the Globe to remain confined in the comfort zone unless the situations compel one to come out of the same. And the saddest part of this is, that we are rarely able to recognize or identify our own comfort zone, in life mostly. After many years of employment and settling down with the family affairs, most working executives or self- employed individuals try to lead a life which involves the process of minimizing the risks in all walks of life. As a result of this they generally tend to hide behind “but” and all their early ambitions of life and pre-defined objectives start fading away with the due course of time. Although it is partially right, interestingly at the same time they confuse their routine life’s activities with the attainment of ultimate goals of life. Rather at every stage of life, one has to keep the momentum alive for living a happy and purposeful life. It holds equally true for the entrepreneurs, as it is said that” If you are not busy in innovating methods to amaze your customers, you are giving a chance to your competitors to take over very likely”.

Even if you are working on a job which is paying a decent salary enabling you to live a comfortable life with the family, you need to brush up your skill sets and upgrade yourself for adapting to the faster-changing business patterns and even for the unforeseen economic situations. Don’t get trapped in a habit of doing a regular job and coming back home without adding some value to you. We have seen many established companies, either going bankrupt or being bought out by the bigger Giants in the similar fields. Under these circumstances, a significant downsizing or rightsizing is need of the hour, in order to cut down operational costs. The last decade has seen a countless number of start-ups taking birth and dying within 1-4 years of inception. The lucrative remunerations attract and encourage many senior established professionals to work with these new businesses and eventually when they are asked to leave; it is very tough for them, who are in the middle of their career stream while carrying many family responsibilities.

Other than this, if a significant part of your daily routine is being dedicated to the job and you are unable to find time for keeping yourself fit physically and mentally, the results are going to be absolutely hazardous. ┬áSomebody said, “You should be aware of the fact that while you are compromising on health because of a job, you are bound to be replaced by somebody else within a week of your dropping dead”. ┬áSo have the courage to come out of the comfort zone and do some activities daily without failing, which will undoubtedly give you immense pleasure and peace of mind. You can always choose to pick up some good self-growth book which will not only help you identify the ultimate goal of the life, but also suggest you many ways to improve yourself from all perspectives.

In this era of internet, many certificates, part-time and online courses are available which will keep you updated with the market trends and learning new things fill your mind with positive and enthusiastic thoughts. You will also start feeling good about yourself and the performance at your present job will also begin to improve. The ideal approach would be to identify the importance of time and pick some weekend course for becoming extra productive on the workplace, in place of those Friday and Saturday night parties. You can opt for some spiritual courses too, which will not only help you to identify your own strengths but will also guide you to effectively lead a life which is a perfect medley of your professional, personal and family life.




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