Benefits and challenges of co-education in India

Co-education refers to an education system when mixed gender study together in the same environment such as college, universities or schools. The much-debated form of education has derived its existence from western countries.

Eventually, it became difficult to open schools and universities for different sections due to lack of resources in every part of the city or nation. Therefore, co-education once again came into existence.

According to the best career counsellors of India and their numerous observations in different time spans over the years, since every coin has dual sides, so the same applies to co-education. Although, it is an excellent method to educate the youth of society, yet, it has raised some doubts in all of our minds.

Let us first begin with the advantages of co-education

  1. Progressive in nature- Since, both the genders are studying together under the same roof, it generates a sense of dignity and respect for each other. Moreover, they get to know the way to behave and handle things for the long term. The sense of mutual respect is developed by performing sports and academics together. Also, people get to discover the emotional level of the opposite sex.
  2. Helps in overcoming fear- Particularly girls, who are made to study in a gender-based school have a lot of hesitance in talking to boys. No matter how broad-minded they are, it becomes difficult to create a friendly bond with people of opposite sex for them. However, co-education develops a comfort zone and makes it easier to communicate.
  3. Healthy competition- Competition is always worthwhile for mental development. When it comes to competing with an opposite gender, you automatically raise your standards and try to win in a healthy way. Also, it teaches you to remove the feeling of jealousy and fearfulness.
  4. Character enhancement- The co-education Institutions inculcates a decent and civilized behaviour in the children. It makes the students pay attention and listen to what the opposite gender has to say. Also, the co-education gives a sporting spirit to not to get so easily attracted and suffer infatuation or mental trauma.
  5. Resource handling- Institutions which entertain co-education definitely get better all-rounder scorers. Different genders have specializations and scopes. Therefore, such institutions have a better demand for teachers and also breed more talent.
  6. Regulated environment- Co-education keeps the environment of suppression and manhandling absolutely away. Generally, the single-gender schools suffer from over suppression or absolute indiscipline. However, co-education endorses mutual respect along with a healthy balanced environment altogether.

Disadvantages of co-education

Now let us have a look at the negative effects of co-education in detail –

  1. Unethical activities– More crime rates have been seen when both the genders are educated together because of the negative impact of traditional and social media at present. With tremendous alteration in characteristic, girls become more ferocious and indulge in physical toughness and harassment. Sometimes, when they are not able to handle the opposite sex, it puts them into psychological trauma and emotional depression. People often discourage co-education because of unsafe and unmanageable environment altogether.
  2. More personal feelings and emotional attachment- The best educational consultants of India suggests that although the primary motive of an institution is to educate children, However, when both the genders are clubbed together, it instigates the emotional feelings and gender-related attraction. The feeling of getting physically attracted puts the parents into huge stress. It can even compel the students to get diverted from their main goals. Social Media has tremendously harmed the mentalities of youth all over the Globe and is rapidly becoming a challenge for the parents in the years to come.
  3. Unhealthy environment- Contradictions have been often seen between girls and boys within the institutions. Each of them tries to suppress the thought of opposite gender which generates miss behaviour and unethical environment.

The best educational counsellors in India, in their in-depth analysis, have observed that every education system has considerable advantages and disadvantages. It is important to negate the disadvantages and promote the positive effects in a suitable way. The best quality about co-education is that it is all about empowerment of both the genders along with the friendly environment. The faculty and the children should together work towards the achievement of healthy social goals.




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