Best career options after 12th

Students have different mindsets and capabilities, so choosing a right career for them is now a days a very tedious and complex task for parents and even for students themselves. As the economy has grown, Globalizations has significantly touched our lives in every possible way, so different avenues have opened up apart from the few traditional careers options available till few years ago. Although careers streams like Engineering, Medical, CA, MBA and Law are still very popular among students, new options like Software Developer, Hospitality Professionals, Online tutoring, Photography, Social media professionals etc. have made their impressions deeper inside the mind of aspirants who want to do something out of the box.  Engineering from elite institutes and medical profession are still the most favorite ones among the students and that’s why lakhs of students compete for few thousand seats every year. Students and their parents take best of opinions while choosing their career, still a clearer understanding of the career path and life is the intense need of the hour.

Engineering: If the student has analytical abilities and is fairly inquisitive towards happenings around us, then Engineering is the right profession for him/her to pursue. There are many IITs and NITs all over India, which have been imparting Engineering trainings for many years and the standard of the teaching and the placements are at par with the world’s best technology institutes. Students passing out from these elite institutes have proven their competence in almost all areas of work centers. They have proved to be successful bureaucrats, managers, scientists and also entrepreneurs.

Medical: If the student is inclined towards understanding human body and has a strong purpose of helping the society to make them free from diseases, this profession is the best one from every aspect. Doctors are very much in demand in India as well as abroad and the demand for doctors is not going to diminish in the near future due to exploding population and the lifestyle that people follow. Many specializations and super specializations are there in the field, one can select as per their interest and expertise. Remunerations are also pretty high as compared to other professions; this could be due to scarcity of qualified healthcare professionals.

Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary/Cost Accountant: Students who are interested in accountancy and finance, can choose these fields in order to get themselves prepared for accounting, cost control, and taxation. As the businesses are expanding fast, the demand of this profession is also constantly rising to match up to requirement. Majority of the jobs are in the metro cities and also in the capitals of different states all over India. These professions are also considered to be evergreen for more than 25 years now.

M.B.A : MBA over the past few years-particularly post 1990, has been acknowledged by millions of students as a launch pad for their corporate journey. Few IIMs and other reputed institutes receive lakhs of application for only few thousand seats each year and that’s why after graduating from these elite institutes, the students are offered a handsome package by reputed MNC in Consulting, Banking, FMCG and also by their Indian Counterparts. MBAs also offer different specializations i.e Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems, IB etc to enable students to choose their field of interests.

LLB : Law also has been a very sought after career choice by lakhs of aspirants each year. As the courts are always flooded with unlimited cases, this profession is also one of the most aspired for by the students who are interested in studying law. Judiciary has also been a preferred choice of lakhs of applicants for few thousands seats all over India.

IT Professional: India is being acknowledged as the most competent nation in terms of analytical and creative thinking of its software professionals. Sunder Pichai and Satya Nadela from India, heading the two most valued software companies of the world are the finest example of Indian technical supremacy across the Globe.

Hospitality and Aviation:  With the advent of Globalization and flourishing of new business everywhere, these two industries have also seen a tremendous boom in applications from lakhs of job seekers. This industry has been labeled as a glamorous one; the aspirants who want to hang around in the best of infrastructures and affluent class are fascinated towards it and are also drawing reasonably higher salaries.

B.P.O/ Call Centers: India being one of the nations which has skilled manpower available for low wages has been a magnet to many Banks, Telecom, and Financial Institutions’ business process outsourcing division. Many BPOs normally employ commerce graduates or CA/MBAs whereas some of them recruit even undergraduates for their routine tasks. Pink City, being the capital of Rajasthan is home to some world class BPOs and offering youth, the best career options after 12th in Jaipur.

Apart from the above careers, many more have evolved over last few years and are getting huge attention from the students who are no more interested in traditional careers and are seeking job satisfaction in doing something they are actually passionate about. Fashion, Textile, Graphical and Jewellery Designing have over the years created a niche for themselves in the minds of people with creative flair. Photography, Modeling, Film Making and Choreography are also being taken as a full time career by thousands of youngsters all over the country.

In the above discussion we have tried to include the major popular streams and are hopeful about this useful information to offer the young students, a clearer picture of the best career options after 12th in Jaipur.




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