Career in Media and Journalism & Future Opportunities
Few careers offer the excitement, the thrill, and adventure that a career in media and journalism does. But of course, it is not all play! It is a lot of hard work, hard-learned lessons, and well-honed skills. If you feel you have the willpower to put in the hours of work and the dedication it needs, then a career in media and journalism is for you.
Mass communication has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. The audience too has changed over the years. There is always a persistent demand for the latest news and people want to keep abreast with what is happening, the world over. There has been a massive increase in communication platforms, news channels, radio stations, advertising, public relations and above all the World Wide Web.
A career in media and journalism has immense scope for those who are interested in this field. There are different categories in the media industry, broadly divided into- Print and Electronic. Print media includes newspaper, tabloids, magazines, digests, books, dailies, etc. The electronic media includes television, radio and the internet platforms.
A journalist’s job includes covering stories for events that are political, social, cultural, technological, medical, legal, sports, crime, entertainment, and many more, and in various languages. This can be for either print or electronic media, or both. Therefore, since expectations are high in this field hard work is imminent.
For those who are prepared for the work, there are many colleges in India who provides Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree in Media and Journalism.
Eligibility for the courses
 Undergraduate courses: Undergraduate courses only required the successful completion of Class XII, from any board.
 Post Graduate courses: A postgraduate course would require the completion of a Bachelors degree in any discipline. Some institutes prefer work experience in some media related work.
Every field has requirements for certain basic skills and qualities. It is no different for this field. Qualities and skills such as an inquisitive mind, alert nature, dealing with changing and difficult situations, excellent communication skills in the language of your choice, confidence, extremely patient, an innate desire to learn, adept in technology, tolerant of criticisms, keen interest, knowledge in current affairs and strong people skills are just a few of those needed in this field.
Future Opportunities
Students in this field can look forward to opportunities in public relations, media houses, films, publishing, journalism, editing, etc. Promising career prospects in this field are:
The career in journalism- Here you can choose from print, electronic or online media. A journalist in the post of a reporter has a very important role to play. They are the ones who collect information and often the ones who get the story ideas. There are specialized fields in this too such as politics, crime, sports etc. The role of a news anchor also has an added glamour factor attached to it.
The career in public relations – Public relations managers are in demand in all media houses, as well as organizations in the public and private sectors. A good public image is important for all organizations, as well as individuals who hold a public reputation, like actors, politicians, sportspersons etc.
Career as a scriptwriter – If creative writing is your forte and you have a vivid imagination then script writing may just be the thing for you. Television series are a rage these days and this is becoming a great career option for many aspirants. The job profile would also include developing storylines, creating characters and writing dialogues.
Career as a proofreader – Once the news is written a proofreader scans the written material and checks for mistakes or wrong sentencing and other such matters. Once checked and approved the piece is given a thumbs-up.
Career as an Editor – An editor is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire media house. It is a job of great responsibility and it comes after years of hands-on experience and hard work.
While there are immense opportunities in this field it is a highly competitive environment. It requires the highest levels of dedication and determination to be able to work in difficult situations. However, with persistence and hard work, a career in media and journalism can be extremely fulfilling and of course, lucrative.




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