The Best Indian Hospitality Groups in terms of the fine employee friendly environment

Any professional company or group can only be considered as ‘the best’, when it is able to provide a comfortable and pleasing experience to the guests or clients, and a professional and healthy working environment which is free from any biases or stress to the employees. This holds true virtually for all types of companies and organizations, including those working in the hospitality industry.

India has some of the amazing employee friendly environments in the hospitality sector and this has been certified by the ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ in association with ‘The Economic Times’ who assessed these hotel groups along with other companies working across various sectors. The parameters for assessing and ranking these hospitality groups included measuring the employee experience through a globally validated survey known by the name of Truth Index. Through this survey, employee feedback on the employer was collected in an anonymous manner. The other parameter was culture audit through which the employee life cycle in the hospitality group was judged.

Listed below are hospitality groups which were found to be among the best in the country in terms of offering high employee satisfaction in addition to other facilities.

Lemon Tree Hotel Groups

Lemon Tree Hotel Groups is one of the leading hotels in the country and was founded in the year 2002. The employee strength of this hotel chain is 2,700 approximately and is one of the hotel chains in India which has been appreciated and ranked by Great Place to Work Institute.

This hospitality group is known for its high employee satisfaction index and is one of the rare hotel chains in India which employs disabled people too, thus making them truly special. Going a step ahead, this hotel chain has the policy of promoting anyone to the position of Manager only if the employee knows sign language.

This is a great way of generating compassion among the workforce and a real reflection of the same has been found both at employee and employer’s end, thus making the hotel eligible for being ranked as one of the best.

InterContinental Hotel Group

InterContinental Hotel group is another chain of hotels in the country that has been ranked among the best in terms of employee satisfaction in the survey by Great Place to Work Institute. Employees are given the opportunity to hone their professional skills and grow in their career with complete support from the hotel’s management team. Flexible working hours and employee friendly policies are some of the distinct aspects of this hospitality group which make it special and a worthy place to work from an employee perspective. These undoubtedly are some of the profound indicators of employee satisfaction which any employee seeks from an employer and considers to be of high value during his/her work there.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have also received special appreciation and a high rank in the survey. This has only been possible due to perfect employee friendly policies of the hotel management staff. Given the competitive nature of the work conditions in the hotel industry, employees always deeply desire to have a flexible working ambiance and generous leave policies.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have given its local management the freedom to offer a 5-day working week or 8 days a month leave to its employees keeping in mind the local conditions of the place of their work. Complimentary room for nights, for the staff, is another of their innovative policy which has been acknowledged and appreciated very well among the staff all over the country.

The Oberoi Group

The hotel chain which was founded in the year 1934 has approximate employee strength of 4,000 and is known for its employee-friendly policies. The employees here, have a generous working ambiance and are empowered enough to feel like family members of the Hotel Group; who in turn keep the customers happy.

Besides these, Marriot Hotels and Hilton Worldwide have also been ranked substantially high on employee satisfaction in the survey by the Great Place to Work Institute.




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