Ever since YouTube was launched in 2005; it has been the go-to online place for all things video and viral! It has, in a short span of time, captured more than three-quarters of search engine traffic. YouTube is touted to be one of the most reliable sources for everyone; regardless the purpose. YouTube allows individuals to share content and share it with billions across the world. This could be an individual talent, hobby, DIY videos, product reviews/recommendation, sales pitch and anything else you could possibly imagine. The first successful YouTuber was Fred Figglehorn, who enjoyed a large and wide subscriber base.

Being a YouTuber is a full-time profession today.  There is no specific job description; however, some basic do’s and don’t’s do exist to be a successful YouTuber. To be a successful YouTuber means to have millions of views, likes, subscribers, shares, and comments.

Educational qualification to be a successful YouTuber

There is absolutely no minimum or maximum education qualifications required as such, but you must be 18 years or older. Understanding of the basic ethical and moral standards and using this platform to further something constructively rather than misusing is the only education one needs. As a YouTuber, you need to have complete knowledge of the information being shared by you on your channel and to be successful you need to excel at the subject and really click with your audience.

How to be a successful YouTuber?

Many people become a YouTuber to fulfil personal passions or even as a secondary job. There are so many ways out there to gain YouTube views, likes, comments and shares. If your only aspiration is to grow your business as a YouTuber, the most vital part is considered to be the content and the quality of the video.

The focus is not on a ‘studio like’ video but rich content that is appealing, and informative. The quality needs to be vibrant and realistic. Work on editing styles, video formatting, thumbnails, and descriptions by using the many online tools available for it all. The key to success is being original! Fresh and new content is always entertaining and well accepted, no matter what the subject is. Follow the current trends to get a better understanding of what people are talking about or looking for.

YouTube opens up career prospects for a wide array of people. You could be interested in scriptwriting, video/image editing, photography, content writing services, managing or SEO, or many more. A lot of hard work is needed to get strong traffic on YouTube. The content should be powerful enough to make visitors show up again, and be loyal followers. It’s best to follow a few influential YouTubers to understand what makes them a genius at what they do.

The name of your YouTube channel needs to say it all, yet generate curiosity to know more. Keep it simple, catchy, easy to understand, related to the topic and the content. The content of the video should be chosen with much research and studies involved. Ample of data must be available with the channel creator beforehand. Create content based on what people, or your target audience, is looking for or needs. This could be regarding products, services or solutions.

No one really likes to spend even a minute over noisy or blurred formatted video content. Hence, voice quality and image quality should be as superior as the quality of the information in it. Duration of the video is the least considered attribute if the content provided is genuine.

Career scope and prospects for a YouTuber:

Seeing ever ascending growth of internet and search engines, YouTubers seems to have a very high success rate, according to studies. Many video series like TVF are released only on YouTube. Hence, career prospects and growth are immense. Be it as a Video editor, short filmmaker, short film producer, voice processor, theme generator, animated video maker, white paper video maker, caption provider, description writer, video scriptwriter, promotional ad maker, voice-over provider, YouTube series actor, YouTube reviewer, YouTuber back linker, YouTube campaigning or an independent one-man show- the options are endless.






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