-Urvi Bareja


The Masters in business administration is an advanced program that is highly valued by leading employers all over the sectors and across the Globe. The postgraduate qualification is very different from other postgraduate courses. Most of the Master’s degree builds on the students’ academic background while in MBA it is built upon the skills the student has acquired through life, case studies or professional experience. MBA is also widely chosen course because of the job prospects and its wide scope in every possible sector. It is considered superior to other courses and is one of the most popular courses available in the present era. If you are a graduate with an inclination or experience of business and have an aspiration for a very successful career, then MBA is undoubtedly the perfect career for you and practically studying all aspects of it is just what you need to brighten up your future. You’ll be required to give an entrance exam like CAT, CMAT, NMAT GMAT etc for many general MBA’s. or equivalent PG diploma courses. Most of the MBA or equivalent courses require graduation only as eligibility while certain MBA courses need a work experience of minimum two years after the graduation. After enrolling in this course at an institute of repute, you will be trained in the general and special practicality of a business environment. MBA programs can be beneficial for you because they are highly recognized and acknowledged all over the world and will help you step out as skilled professionals for taking the business management further with your competence and skills learned. The scope and demand of MBA professionals are increasing at a fast pace because of industrialization and growing number of companies each year.


After you complete your MBA degree or equivalent diploma, there are a lot of job opportunities and a wide variety of jobs available for you in the business sector. It offers plenty of job opportunities in India as well as overseas because of the multinational businesses spread all over. As the student studies, analyzes business situations and gains experience during his/her MBA, companies are more than willing to hire these brains for taking their business further. After the completion of any type of MBA course, you not only get a good pay package, your reputation increases and vision broadens. You also develop skills in areas such as marketing, accounting, human resources, international business and other types of management.
1. You may work as a marketing manager in which you will have to manage the marketing processes like the promotion of the products, sales, advertisement etc.
2. You can work as the human resource manager and there you will have to manage the manpower of the company. Career opportunities are ample in the area of human resource development.
3. You may also work as a financial manager where, you will control the investment and expenditure of the capital of the company or can work as cash managers, credit managers, finance manager etc.
4. You can also join a business organization as a trainee and with experience, you can climb the ladder of success
5. You can also choose some Banking jobs in case you want a secure and less stressful job.
6. You can opt for IT as for your MBA, then you can work as a technical system manager, system analyst etc.
7. You can even start your own business if you have a knack for entrepreneurship.

The scope of MBA is very bright beyond any doubt and is increasing each year. Most of the pass outs from reputed business schools get 100% placement. As the economies are developing, the demand for these business-related courses like MBA etc. has also increased over the period of time. More and number of students today are opting for MBA or equivalent courses for a fantastic career because of the heavy demand of management professional in India. Thus this is one of those courses that will assure you a very bright future, offer exciting career and promise handsome remunerations.




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