Government jobs or private jobs – which one is for you?

Generally, humans are more biased towards a comfortable and secured life. And while taking into account the fruits of a Government job, it has an entire array to satisfy these preferences. Exceptionally, for the ambitious ones, a private job undoubtedly seems to be a better option. According to the best counsellors in India, both, Government and private jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each of them would offer salary but has entirely different working parameters altogether.

Let us analyze, which job would suit you the best –

Are you ambitious or easy- go- lucky kind of a person?

Your job preference depends quite a lot upon your personal skills. If you have high ambitions to reach new heights, probably a private job is a better option for you. Such a job opportunity would recognize, acknowledge and appreciate your hard work and finally reward you for the same. Private Job sectors particularly require individuals, who prefer to accept challenges for hard work and are ambitious in nature.

According to the studies of the best placement companies of India, the target-oriented private jobs can be a big headache, especially if you are not an ambitious individual. A person, who prefers a mediocre life and prefers a typical 9 to 5 job, should generally choose Government jobs. Government jobs generally do not have strict targets and imposing norms. You can work hard but at your own sweet will.

Do you want job security?

When we talk about Government job, it’s more about job security than anything else. Your superior would never fire you from the job in case of slight mishaps, delays or your mediocre performance. Since Government jobs are not owned by private entities, jobs are much liberal in nature. There is no particular person who has to administer the entire company or job office. It’s a joint responsibility of the Government and some of its top key position holders. The primary duty is of Government to handle the profit and losses, and ironically in India, most of the departments are in huge losses because of a number of factors.

On the other hand, when we talk about the level of job security in private jobs, it is present there but up to a certain extent. Even the best jobs of India will not guarantee a permanent assignment, you will be there until the time the company is earning profits and you are a performing asset for them. The moment you turn into a liability for the company, you must remain prepared for resignation letter from whatever post you are on. A mistake or your inability to bring in more revenues for the company and you are all over with your high-profile corporate career. Private jobs have limited scope for mistakes or non- performers. You have to remain constantly on your toes if job security is desired. This again can be the challenging profile for many of the individuals who love to constantly be on the edge.

Do you want to earn more?

Working for someone else always comes with the limited amount of income. However, some of the best jobs in India offer heavy remuneration packages along with countless free facilities. Currently, most of the multinational companies are offering lucrative salary packages for the youth and the experienced ones. In addition to that, they provide foreign incentive trips along with hefty annual salary.

When we talk about private jobs promising more salary, it absolutely doesn’t mean that Government jobs are paying less. But if you compare between the two, Government jobs definitely have a lower paying scale with limited growth opportunities. The imposition of 6th and 7th pay commission enormously stimulated the packages of Governmental employees. But when compared to the private sector pay scale, it is still quite low.

Are you a person who plans for future?

Retirement benefits are definitely your area of concern when you are a foresighted person. It goes without saying that private jobs are all about your skills and hard work. Privatization nature is primarily about earning money from your hard work instead of providing employers with only social benefit.

There is little existence of social facilities when we talk about the private job. Apart from the little monetary incentive, you cannot expect anything more from a private job. But when seeking for proper retirement benefits, Government jobs are the ones offering a secured and safe after job life. Average in nature, Government jobs give you the benefits throughout your life in moderation. A particular percentage of your salary is transferred to the Provident Fund for your post job needs. Instead of depending upon your savings, Government jobs give you constant pensions so that you remain absolutely secured.

What matters the most?

The best recruitment consultants of India in their studies have suggested that if you feel that you are happy in contributing towards the national growth and your own life, probably a Government job would give you more satisfaction. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable monetizing your hard work and think out of the box for the heights you can achieve in life, private jobs may seem to be the best option for you.




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