Career prospects as an Architect

-Urvi Bareja

Architecture is not just one thing, it is not just the art of constructing and designing buildings, it’s a mean of enhancing people’s quality of life. Students from various social backgrounds, career streams, and disciplines join architecture colleges. Architecture as a career has changed vastly in the last couple of years. The job of an architect is to design residential and commercial establishments e.g hospitals, hotels, complexes, stadiums, schools etc and is not limited to designing simple house and offices. Architects help us make our lives comfortable and cushy by offering us houses with unlimited luxury and style. They tend to fulfill the demand of society for luxury and moderate accommodation by building designs according to the requirements and budget. It is one of the vast fields that will offer you many options once you have completed your graduation in this area.

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is the general entrance exam for architecture in India. Your class 12th marks along with your test scores are the factors of eligibility for this undergraduate course. It is a five-year course which offers students an opportunity to explore many aspects of architecture and its applied scope in numerous necessities of society. Students who have mathematics in class 12 are preferred as they have a better understanding of angles and directions. There are a number of institutes which are known all over India and acknowledged by recruiters. Some of them are there in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab University, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai etc. Architects are the one who with their visualization draw sketches of these amazing buildings and design structures, all these tall buildings we see here and there would not have been possible without their expertise. If you are an individual who has a knack for lateral as well as visual thinking then this can be the perfect career for you. Once you complete your graduation i.e B. Arch, you will have lot many options to choose from versatile sectors like Interior Designing, Real Estate, Urban infrastructure, lighting and decorative domain etc. You will be required to do internships with an architecture firm or with practicing architects while you are doing your graduation so as to apply the knowledge you have gained in the academics. This will better up your job panorama and will also help you in gaining practical experience and understanding every aspect of design. You will also be able to develop skills (design based, technical and visual). You will not only have higher job prospects but in the long run can earn have high salaries, an identity of your own, avail international exposure and that is the reason, which makes this career all the more exciting.

There are a plenty of opportunities available for you if you are really passionate about and choose architecture as your profession. There are many options available for qualified and professionally trained architects. The international employers too tend to offer lucrative remunerations and growth oriented career opportunities to the architects right from the beginning of the career. As an architect, you can work with Real Estate Developers and construction companies where you are required to work as a designer. Gradually when you gather some more knowledge and hone further your overall skills, then you can help the clients in terms of budget, time frame etc. You can also become a builder or a developer in the long run or could work in a design firm and eventually, you will be assigned to handle a project independently after years of experience. If you want, you can earn your livelihood by working independently. Working independently has enormous scope in terms of earning, but the disadvantage in independent practice is that you would be required to do a lot of tasks on your own and execute plan details of sizes, specifications, estimate the cost of structure etc because initially there may not be any other subordinate or colleague to assist you.
An architect with a work experience of more than 3 years gets their salary between INR 30K-50K, which seems to be a good start after few years of apprenticeship where you get a moderate stipend. In a growing country like India, the demand for architects is increasing and India will always need more qualified architects who are professionally trained and also carry with themselves tremendous creativity. Since architecture is a constantly growing field, progress is assured in this field year by year, that’s why making a career in this field is high paying, attractive and has a lot of potential in terms of growth.





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